details on oyatsu box – july

I’ve decided to take a more extensive look into the costs of my newest sub box by comparing the box price to what I would probably need to pay to get similar items here in London, either on amazon, ebay or Japan center.


The  box came to be costing £15.94 + £0.47 (non sterling transaction fee) = £16.41

In the box, I got:

1. Cream collon = £1.60ish
2. neru neru nerune diy kit = £6ish from ebay
3. cookies and cream baked … er.. cookies = can’t find similar so I’d go with Collon prices of around £1.60
4. veggie consome crackers = fairly big box but still only 50g so will go around £2
5. orange and coke crunchy chewy sweets = based on other gummy sweets, around £2
6. sanrio character jelly beans = tiny bag, so around £1.50
7. Hi chew summer edition fruit chews = huge bag… and it’s high chew. So £5
8. some sort of grape fizzy sweets with jelly center = based on other fizzy gummy sweets, £1.50
9. calbee bbq potato crisps = £1.50 ish
10. special edition sugar coated sembei = £1.50 ish
11. kuroko gashapon = £3.99 (I know exactly how much this one would cost me because I have loads of other versions of them. This is also based on the cheapest place I could find. If you get them on ebay they would range from £3.90 to £8+)

So it amounts to £28.19.

Not bad…. Not bad at all. Bear in mind all these are very rough estimates. I could be way off the mark since they are special editions plus unable to get them here in the UK otherwise.


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