betoyo bento at last

If you’ve been reading some of my older posts, you might have gathered by now I am a tiny bit subscription box mad.

If you’ve not, I can confirm that that is true.

My latest trial is one called Betoyo Bento.

All my other boxes were primarily western geek centric, so I decided to go for something anime this time. Plus I was hoping to catch the Kuroko craze that seem to be going on at the moment.


As mentioned in my last post regarding boxes (Oyatsu box post I think..?) I actually wanted to wait till the last my geek box has arrived before falling into another trap trying out this one. But… I caved.


Truth be told, I was a bit disappointed.

ย The big item was that 8-bit Mario alarm clock. That looks pretty nice, but I have enough clocks around the house, so that is going to my nephews. Apparently the 4 buttons randomly switches around to stop the alarm so you have to hunt for it in the mornings. There’s a chance of either this Mario clock, or a Luigi version which is rarer.

The other 4 items are definitely just fillers. A pink Korosensei (Assasination Classroom, which I’ve not watched), 2 Peko-chan milk sweets, a Pokemon (don’t watch that either) strap thingy, and that pink heart shaped Amnesia locket… thingy… (again, never watched any of it though it is on crunchy roll so I might just give it a go. But am not usually overly fond of the reverse harem type animes because the heroine is usually a bit… wimpy and useless).

No kuroko. *sigh* Oh well. And pink level is rather too high for my liking. Here’s to a better box next month!


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