gacha madness

Briefly touch upon in my previous post, there’s a new subscription box out that is just for gachapons. I believe it only started 2 months ago?

Me, being the insane gacha person that I am, am now very very very curious about this new service called Gacha Crate. What was very impressive to me was their response times in twitter. I initially did a random tweet about their box and got a response very quickly.


I was not expecting that! Though I guess them being such a new company they’re probably not flooded with customer requests and such as yet.

They provide 2 choices of gashapons, Kakkoii (cool) and Kawaii (cute). Looks to me they basically split it between guys and girls. They have this desciption in their website:

Select the Kakkoii crate if you love Anime/Games and would like the content to be mostly focused on these things, or choose Kawaii crate if you are in love with unique Japanese cuteness!

I’m not overly into the cute-sy items, though I do like them from time to time (no pink though. I really dislike pink). But the Kakkoii box seems too boy-centric as well (Mario, zombies, pokemon? I don’t really do any gaming either). So I tweeted them just to see if the response is just as fast.


And it was!


I guess that means very boyish items (gaming, fighting related?) should go for Kakkoii, while girls who are into more of the pink and fluffy stuff should go for Kawaii, even though both boxes might get anime related items. The difficult ones would be the crossovers, such as slice-of-life type of animes, or sports.

So… it still doesn’t really help me decide if I should get a box or not, I guess I might try a kawaii box at some point. As I’ve tweeted, I’d love to see an anime only box. That would be fantastic (and a no-brainer).

Maybe I should cancel betoyo bento after next month (october arrival box), and nerd block’s last box for me is also for Oct. That would leave me with just Oyatsu box (with the 1 gasha!) and maybe this one.

gasha gasha pon!

Continuing the blind box theme….

In Japan, those capsule toys machine… thingys…. are called gashapon (or gachapon). This comes from the sound the machine makes when you rotate the dial to make it spit out a reward.

Gasha (turn) Gasha (turn) Pon (sound when ball drops down).

I love them, always have and probably always will.

The website I bought the last batch of Free! stuff from (see previous posts) had some Kurokop gashas that were incredibly cute, so I gave in and bought 6.


There are 9 variations that can be collected. The plus point to this is that unlike the machines, there’s less chance of getting duplicates if the capsules are colour coded because I assume this is hand packed by staff so they will select random different coloured balls.


The ones I ordered are from the Kiseki no Sedai, Teiko junior high range rubber strap.


I really want kuroko…. but most of all I want this one with Aomine AND Kuroko. I assume this is the rarest of the lot though. (Some variations are harder to get than others… I guess that’s how the companies get people to buy more just to complete a collection).

My luck (or lack of) strikes true…


After happily tearing into these…


No Kuroko at all!

6 out of 9 changes for the 2 I wanted. Nada.


The others are still very cute though. I particularly like Midorima and Aomine.

So I am missing Kuroko, Kuroko and Aomine combo and Akashi.

Damnit, why didn’t I just buy all 9 of them.

On a side note, I recently found out about a new subscription box, Gacha Crate. For around $25/£17 (when shipping is included) we get 5/6 gashas monthly, plus a mystery item. Hmmmmm…. Should I or should I not. My nerdblock subscription will run out in October. I wonder if it is worth getting one just to review.

I have a month to decide.

free, blind box set

As promised in my I’m-not-sure-if-it’s-good-luck-or-not blind box unboxing, here are the contents from the big box that came with them.


This is what the main box looks like. I love the giant Haru sleeping on the side cover….. wish it was Makoto though, but that’s just me being biased.


Inside the box are the 6 little boxes with more little Haru’s sleeping snugly. At least unlike the previous debacle I’m pretty much guaranteed all the characters. Unless I’m really really unlucky…. which just might happen.


The boxes are pretty cute.

I got the whole set because I want a Sousuke. It seems to difficult to find so far. Plus Makoto is very cute too.


So all the little characters are individually packed in plastic bags with their deflated floaters.


Makoto! So cute.

I’ve only inflated one of those floaters so far because they are so difficult to blow!

I’ll post a photo of them all once I have them up properly.