betoyo bento aug? sept?

It was sent in Aug, and arrived in Sept. So I’ll just call it sept box.

It came with a lovely (althought too pink) furoshiki. Very useful to reuse for present wrapping.


Inside is the usual box with Danganronpa tape.


And into the goodies….


So we have 5 things.

  1. Clamp no Kiseki: Mokona Black Pawn chess piece (I use to adore Clamp stuff)
  2. Kizuna Swing keychain (never heard of them but looks very nice. Will have to look into it.
  3. A roll of Danganronpa tape!
  4. Strawberry chews/gum. Not seen these in years!
  5. and the main item: Persona 4 Marie figurine.


I don’t play any of the Persona games, so I know nothing about the character. Still, pretty good looking item.

All in all… Happier than the previous box. Still bummed there are no Kuroko or Free! stuff. Lol.


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