little fishies, part 2

The 2nd batch of fish I’m featuring are the otos.


Full name: Otocinclus catfish

Like the corys, they are very peaceful fish that needs company. I call them my little lawn mowers. They do a great job mowing down algae in the tank.

A fat oto is a happy oto, so I also supplement their food with some courgettes. I’ve rarely seen them actually eat them but it always disappears overnight in around 3 days time (after the veg gets soft enough for them to eat I guess?).


For some reason they’ve been hanging around the top left corner in the tank recently. When they disappear off somewhere I can sometimes not see them for a few days. Trying to count them could be rather difficult, and I’ve read that many oto owners have the same issue.


I love it when they swim and land softly on a leaf, almost like a spaceship docking!

One of my otos have a case of identity crisis. It seem to think it’s a harlequin and tries to school with them from time to time! Problem is, they’re not the fastest swimmers so watching it trying to keep with the with speedy harleys is hilarious. Sort of like the poor little odd out quirky kid in a playground.


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