free! x2

I don’t have the best of luck with blind boxes…. but I absolutely adore them.

I found this website based in the UK called Animuk that supplies real japanese gashapons recently and accidentally clicked buy too many times bought a few Free! figurines that are too cute to ignore.


Skip the big box for the moment and just take a look at the 4 little ones.

The site doesn’t guarantee a full set even if I buy 6 boxes, so I decided to take my chances and buy 4. I want Makoto, followed by Rin, then Haru, and Gou. Nagisa and Rei are my least favourite ones, but I don’t mind them. But whatever is it I get, as long as I get a Makoto I’m happy.


So odds are 4 out of 6. Pretty decent, methinks.

*doki doki* *drumrolls* as I open the first box.

Makoto!! *squeeee* Jackpot in the first box!

OK, I’m happy now. I already have the one I want the most. So whatever comes are bonuses. Onwards to 2nd box….

Makoto again!

Er. Ok. Still happy. These figures come with 2 expressions. Just rotate the hair and change it. I can display the 2 makotos side by side.

Onwards to 3rd box….

This time, it’s Rin! *does happy dance* Hopefully box no. 4 is Haru. And I’ll be very very happy indeed.

But turns out, box no. 4 is another Rin!



What are the chances….

Bought 4 and got 2 out of the 6. Huh.


Still, look how adorable he is!


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