little fishies, part 3

So, leading from the previous post regarding the oto trying to school with my harlequins…


Name: Harlequin rasboras

Apologies for the photo quality. These bloody harleys are fast…. Usually I only get a blurry streak in the background when I try to photograph them. Videos tend to show them better.


I actually got a batch of 6 as my initial school after cycling the tank. Unfortunately all but 1 of them died one by one a day. Here’s a video of the first batch swimming.

When there was just the 1 left, I decided to take the plunge and get another bunch of 6 because they don’t do well by themselves. The petstore person miscounted and I found that she has given me 7!

So now I have a school of 8. Mysteriously, no harley casualties since then! Very odd.The one that survived is very obviously bigger and brighter than the others, and is the matriarch.



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