free, blind box set

As promised in my I’m-not-sure-if-it’s-good-luck-or-not blind box unboxing, here are the contents from the big box that came with them.


This is what the main box looks like. I love the giant Haru sleeping on the side cover….. wish it was Makoto though, but that’s just me being biased.


Inside the box are the 6 little boxes with more little Haru’s sleeping snugly. At least unlike the previous debacle I’m pretty much guaranteed all the characters. Unless I’m really really unlucky…. which just might happen.


The boxes are pretty cute.

I got the whole set because I want a Sousuke. It seems to difficult to find so far. Plus Makoto is very cute too.


So all the little characters are individually packed in plastic bags with their deflated floaters.


Makoto! So cute.

I’ve only inflated one of those floaters so far because they are so difficult to blow!

I’ll post a photo of them all once I have them up properly.


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