I caved.

November box is coming to me.

I’ve also canceled Betoyo bento, and my last nerdblock is due this month. But I’m also eyeing My Box from Japan.



Anyway, I might as well make this my last review for Betoyo bento, which came last week in the now usual furoshiki.


So, I got himouto decal/stickers, a youkai watch (?) prez dispenser, a… I have no idea what that’s for, that one piece hello kitty… thing, a figure that’s very nice but I also don’t know much about, and a.. thing…



What the heck is that?


Anyway, the figure looks nice [edit 26 Oct: the figure is from bakemonogatari]. But other than Himouto (which I highly recommend) I draw blanks with all the others. That’s sort of been the case for me for this box. Plus they’ve also mentioned that they’re likely not going to be featuring much sports anime stuff since it’s not as popular…. At the moment my obsession interest has been exactly that (Free!, Haikyuu, Kuroko, and now Daiya no A).

My box from japan is quite a bit more expensive than betoyo. Am banking on the fact that Kuroko extra game is now being published, Haikyuu season 2 is going on, and Free! prequel (High Speed!) is coming out end of the year for maybe some stuff from there.