Anyone who’s even had a brief glance at my recent posts knows that:

  1. I am addicted to figurines
  2. I love blind boxes
  3. kuroko no basu is fab

So when I saw that crunchy roll has the entire set of Ochatomo (plus a special edition) for the latest Kuroko figurines I caved.

FYI, ochatomo means tea friends (ocha and tomodachi), designed to hang off tea cups/mugs.


The first one that came more than a month ago was the Kise Kuroko limited edition away team uniform figurines while the main box was still at preorder stage.

And then came the motherload…


The box itself is so nicely printed.


Inside, each box is printed with the featured character on the top, so it’s not really a blind box per se. Still, cute as heck and fantastic quality.

2015-10-06 00.37.58

Oddly, I spotted a rouge box. See if you can spot the difference. Wonder how that happened?


So here are the figurines. They are cute as hell. Unfortunately I was using a dartington wine class, so was probably a little too thin and curved for some of them to sit well. Kagami in particular took a few nose dives into my wine. *sigh*

Surprisingly, they all came with a coaster with a signature item, colour and number.

2015-10-06 00.44.58

Kise yellow no.7 = love letters
Akashi red no. 4 = shogi emperor piece
Murasakibara purple no. 9 = snacks
Aomine navy blue no. 5 = basketball
Kuroko light blue no.11 = maji vanilla shake
Takao orange no. 10 = wooden transport cart
Kagami red no. 10 = maji burgers
Midorimo green no.6 = penguin (??!) lucky item. I thought it should have been kerosuke though.

All in love, I love the set.

I must admit, buying the entire set is very satisfying but it eliminated the “doki doki” sensation while breaking into a box/gachapon not knowing what you’d get, or if it’ll be a duplicate or something new and rare.

But with my gacha luck, maybe it’s just wiser sticking to this.