a tad out of hand…

So, I am quite nuts about subscription boxes. Since November last year I have been trying out all sorts of boxes (see previous posts filed under Geeky if you are interested) starting with Loot crate, and gradually swapping and changing boxes including nerd block, infinity crate, my geek box, betoyo bento and oyatsu box).

As a result, my tshirt drawer is now full to bursting, and my shelf is peppered with vinyl figurines (even if I don’t include the ones I actually specifically bought).


A few month’s not having time to properly sort things out ended up with my floor space slowly being taken over by boxes. I’ve already given so much stuff away I can’t believe it’s still nearly spilling out of my room!

I have now canceled all but the very newest subscriptions I’ve made a week or so ago (my box from japan and gacha crate). So I will not be getting anything from Oyatsu cafe (story to be told elsewhere), betoyo bento, nor nerd block (apart from Nov and the welcome block. Again, long story, and will be featured in the post when that comes) anymore.


After a year’s worth of subscription, what can I say about these  boxes…

  1. They are good fun
  2. They are pretty pointless
  3. They clutter up space
  4. You get a thrill when they arrive
  5. Why the hell not.
  6. You find yourself scratching your head wondering who comes up with these things
  7. You start to question your sanity

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