little fishies, part 5

Last but not least, the newest of the lot…. (but not quite so new now… it’s been more than 2 months since he’s moved in)


Name: Veil tail betta fish (siamese fighting fish)

Here’s Aomine showing off his colours. His nickname is Grumpy, and is a bit of a bully.


I named him Aomine because he really reminds me of Aomine Daiki from Kuroko no Basuke.

Colour theme: dark blue, with uniform in black with red stripes.

Temperament: Gruff and grumpy exterior, like to bully the people he likes and ignores the ones he doesn’t. Has a short fuse and likes to lounge around a lot.

Grumpy seems to dislike the otos sometimes, and likes to hang out with them on others. The corys seem to ignore him, but he likes them and tries to huddle down in their heap.

He’s an odd one.

20150916_222537-01Unfortunately within a week of him moving in his tail started to fray. I’ve asked around local aquariums and have been told that it’s quite natural for a new betta due to the stress from moving and getting use to a new tank.

It’s been since mid September now, and the tail isn’t getting worse, but it’s not really getting better either. Am debating getting him his own little 5 gallon tank and medicate him a bit more. I have only been using some aquarium salt here and there, bearing in mind the corys aren’t overly keen on it so have been very cautious.

Oh dear… am I getting the dreaded MTS? (Multiple tank syndrome)

odd ramune 2

Last but not least, the final bottle of ramune.

2015-11-25 23.17.22

Takoyaki ramune.

Takoyaki is a very tasty japanase snack made from grilled octopus inside a light fluffy ball of dough, topped with japanese mayo, takoyaki sweet and sticky brown sauce and seaweed confetti. It is found is pretty much at every festival and a very popular Osaka street food.

I adore the stuff. As food.

As a drink…. not so much.

It doesn’t actually taste much like takoyaki either. It doesn’t really taste much of anything to be honest. Slightly fizzy, slightly sweet, with a hint of something in the background. A bit like if you’ve had something to eat, and had a sip of water but the taste still lingers.

No. Just… no.

last nerd block

I’ve found the I’ve rather lost the excitement that came with a nerd block during the last few months. So I decided that after my last one of the batch of 6 in Oct I’ll just give this one up and move to pastures new. The last few boxes just were not doing it for me anymore. Plus my t-shirt collection is getting to the point of silliness now.

Well, that was the plan until Oct box came with a card announcing that November box theme is “Tis the season”, and features exclusives for Firefly, Sherlock and Star Wars!

How can I say no to that.

So I signed up for one more box. (I also got a welcome block for that, but the stuff inside were bleh because I’ve been getting the previous boxes anyway. They were just leftovers, methinks)

 2015-11-23 01.31.58

And I think I’ve never been happier with any of the past Blocks.

An odd nightmare before christmas + back to the future mashup t
Firefly ornament that I will modify, eventually
Starwars calander
an old american christmassy movie moose shot glass
Exclusive 4.5″ Sherlock from Titan
Bill Murray art print

Am not overly fond of the moose glass nor the print, but the rest are fab!

2015-11-23 01.34.08

Firefly! *squee! Always wanted a Firefly figure.

2015-11-23 01.37.14

And this will sit nicely with the rest of my sherlock titan figures.

2015-11-23 01.38.18

This will still be my last nerd block though. Am currently quite happy with My Box from Japan and Gachacrate. Though I think I will just give gachacrate a little bit more time before moving off to something else.