gachacrate nov

My newest subscription box… *drumrolls*

Gacha Crate!

 2015-11-17 22.09.24

I think I’ve mentioned this before somewhere in my previous posts. It’s another subscription service from Japan that focuses on various gachapons (capsule toys that are everywhere in Japan).

I gave in and after much deliberation went for the kawaii (cute) box.

There was a bit of a tail chasing and was very quickly resolved (Thanks Gacha Crate!) with me wondering where my Oct box was. Turns out I paid very early Oct for Nov, and the Nov payment that was sent a few days ago was for Dec… etc. A tiny bit confusing but alls well ends well.

Anyway, back to the box.

2015-11-17 22.36.32

Very happy with what I got. There is the tiniest gachapon I have ever seen.

2015-11-18 01.07.26 2015-11-18 01.07.59

And also the tiniest gacha machine I have every seen (fully functional!) Eeeeeeeeeeee!

2015-11-18 00.57.00

A tiny bit of assembly needed for most of the stuff.

2015-11-18 01.08.40

6 items, 5 of them gachas and 1 pack of sweets.

Very very happy to get the Haikyuu gacha (would have prefered Hinata from the set, but can’t complain when it’s Kenma. Makes this month quite the Haikyuu month! ). The Doraemon is fantastic and will go to an old friend of mine who is dora-mad. The teenytiny gachamachine will be Mitchie’s ( for more info).

A bit of a wtf moment with the animal nose-squishy-sticker-thing…. Got a dog’s nose. Ooookay…. Last but not least the little maid cafe uniform pin from the tiny gacha mentioned somewhere above.

The box costs $26 to get to me ($19 + shipping), so around £17? Makes each item roughly around £3. A tad pricy, but all in all a good bit of fun.

If you like quirky items, have a good laugh and more surprises in a surprise each month, I highly recommend this. Just be prepared to have a few moments staring at some of the items in bafflement (Japan has a strange strange sense of humour).

I also need to give the people at Gacha Crate a shout out for being incredibly fast and brilliant for answering my queries very promptly.

[edit] if you want a companion post for this at Mitchie’s, click here.

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