ramune haul

I found myself really wanting some ramune a few days ago (it’s winter here, not summer. I don’t know…) so I made a short trip to Japan Center for some sashimi and drinks.

The usual selection of ramune were there, such as original, grape, orange, melon, and so on. Alongside these ‘normal’ flavours were 4, I should say, eyebrow raising ones…

Kimchi (korean spicy pickled cabbage), Cream Stew, Curry and Takoyaki (grilled octopus in a light dough).


2015-11-20 19.41.48
kare, takoyaki, melon, original

I was intrigued so I decided to try 2 odd ones and 2 normal ones.

I’ve already had the 2 normal ones over the weekend (in cocktails, because they are lush that way) but have yet manage to pluck up enough courage for the other 2.

Stay tuned….

last oyatsu cafe

Sadly I have decided to let go of this particular subscription box. This is not due to anything within the box itself, but the recent headaches I had to deal with for it.

I have also been toying with the idea of canceling this subscription for a while now because as much as I love trying all the new stuff from the box, it was too sweets-centric. I’m more of a savoury snack kind of girl.


I received a card from royal mail a few weeks ago claiming that I owe them £12.20 customs to be paid for a delivery (not stating where the aforementioned delivery item was from, or any sort of details at all. So I might barking up the wrong tree). From the dates and delivery times, I think it was most likely my oyatsu box.

I went online and paid for it (rather reluctantly… seeing that I really shouldn’t have to because stuff under £32 are supposed to be exempted) and was informed that the box will arrive Weds.

Weds came and went, nothing.

So I waited a bit longer and called Royal Mail on Friday. I was told that there had been some miscommunication and my package was listed as “unpaid” still. They promised to have it delivered by the next Monday.

Monday came and went, still nothing.

And again, I waited a little longer and called again on Weds. Apparently now they didn’t know where the package was!  This time, they promised to have it delivered by Friday and will escalate the issue. They also jotted down my email to inform me the reason why these issues happened.

I received a few packages on Thursday (other sub boxes and online bought stuff….). Nothing on Friday, and then Oyatsu finally arrived on Monday. (Still no email as to why though)

So, to be honest as mentioned at the beginning I am still not 100% sure if the package that was charged was for this box, or if I still have a floating box somewhere circulating in the UK. I’m not aware of any missing parcels but for all I know it might have been a gift from a friend overseas…


For the box itself, it’s pretty much on par with its usual awesomeness. Jam packed with items (10 food stuff and 1 gacha), primarily sweets. I wish they were not as sugar-centric. And now that I am on Gacha Crate , the gacha that comes with the box also become a little bit redundant.

Now, I am down to 2 sub boxes. Gacha crate and My Box from Japan.