odd ramune 1

From my previous post, I mentioned that I’ve bought and have yet to try the 2 odd bottles of ramune from Japan Center.

Ramune is a japanese summery drink. Sort of like a not too sweet not too fizzy 7-up. It also comes in many many many variations of flavours. Ramune is distinctive in the way you open the bottle. You have to push the marble into the bottle with the cap provided to activate the fizz.

 Well, I finally did one.

2015-11-24 01.25.33
you can see the marble in the bottle neck. Ignore the mess on my shelf

Japanese curry flavour (kare) ramune.

It was surprisingly pleasant! Doesn’t really taste much of curry. Just a very very mild lemonade with a hint of curry powder + paprika aftertaste. Smells stronger though but not by much.

One down, one more to go. Takoyaki. I might go and buy the other 2 flavours from Japan Center if I am curious enough. Might even be able to pick some up at Hyper Japan Christmas Market this weekend when I’m there with the dojo for an aikido + iaido demo.