odd ramune 2

Last but not least, the final bottle of ramune.

2015-11-25 23.17.22

Takoyaki ramune.

Takoyaki is a very tasty japanase snack made from grilled octopus inside a light fluffy ball of dough, topped with japanese mayo, takoyaki sweet and sticky brown sauce and seaweed confetti. It is found is pretty much at every festival and a very popular Osaka street food.

I adore the stuff. As food.

As a drink…. not so much.

It doesn’t actually taste much like takoyaki either. It doesn’t really taste much of anything to be honest. Slightly fizzy, slightly sweet, with a hint of something in the background. A bit like if you’ve had something to eat, and had a sip of water but the taste still lingers.

No. Just… no.

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