food cheats, steam dim sum

Anyone who knows me knows I love food. I love cooking and eating. That said, I am also not a food snob. I like my occasional crappy but nice food (*ahemfrankfurtersahem*)

I usually get home way too late on weekdays, so I have my foodie cheats for the nights where I really just can’t be bothered.

So featured in this food cheat post…. *drum rolls*

2015-11-28 22.18.02

Frozen dim sum.

I can hear an gasp of surprise from many Chinese out there for saying this. But hear me out….

It’s actually pretty decent! I’m not saying it can replace the freshly made stuff from restaurants (though some of them might have been from frozen packages anyway, but that’s by the by), but if you’re feeling a dimsum shaped hole in your stomach on any particular day, or just want somthing light and effortlessness, this is the way to go.

I always have a few variations in my freezer, but primarily ha gau and siew mai. Oddly enough, I prefer ha gau more than siew mai this way! I adore siew mai. I always inhale 2 baskets of siew mai when we go out for dim sum. But this ha gau is pretty addictive!

All you need is a steamer, a pot, and the frozen yummies.


If you don’t have a steamer, just turn a bowl over in the pot and prop your dimsum laden plate on top of that. Fill the pot with water to below the plate-line (you don’t want to boil it!), put the lid on and let it steam!

But if you’re like me and love steaming stuff, a bamboo steamer is the way to go.

I need to be stopped….

I decided to go for a quick stop at Forbidden Planet last night for a quick rummage around and see if I should try for Lestrade in Sherlock blindbox.

And guess what….

2015-12-21 18.45.00

I left with a bag full of Sherlocks as well…


I’m not even THAT keen on Sherlock! (John and Mycroft however… )

2015-12-23 01.42.43

Along with the blind box, I snagged 2 exclusives. A Sherlock in his deerstalker, as well as a Titan variant Sherlock + John in PJs and robe. (I seem to be collecting a fair few Titan vinyls recently…. ho hum)

2015-12-23 01.39.30

The PJ versions seem really pretty rare, but the deerstalker not so much. Seen that quite a bit by now.

2015-12-21 18.51.39

Anyway, back to the blind box. *keeping fingers crossed* Lestrade please… or Mycroft… or John… Just please no duplicates again.

2015-12-21 18.54.33


This Sherlock will have to live with duplicate John I guess.

tis the season…

…to indulge in more geekiness.

I already had this in mind last year when I picked up a tabletop tree lamp/decoration from Habitat that was on sale. It was a tad too late at that point to add what I had in mind, so this year I sprung into action late Nov.

2015-12-02 19.13.24

I snagged this lovely Santa Jack Skellington series 1 Extra (Jun Planning) pose-able figure from Amazon for around £16.

It is pretty amazing.

2015-12-02 20.20.06

It comes in different editions as well.

2015-12-02 20.18.10

I adore the details, even in the box. Note the Pumpkin King image as the holder.

2015-12-02 20.27.11

Jack comes accompanied with a santa sack and vampire teddy.

The sculpt is pretty much straight out of the movie. It has articulated joints, but the movements are limited. The joints are pretty fragile as well (he is just skin and bones… sniggers). As it is, it is still utterly brilliant.


My first christmas deco up for the year. I am pretty pleased. 🙂