I need to be stopped….

I decided to go for a quick stop at Forbidden Planet last night for a quick rummage around and see if I should try for Lestrade in Sherlock blindbox.

And guess what….

2015-12-21 18.45.00

I left with a bag full of Sherlocks as well…


I’m not even THAT keen on Sherlock! (John and Mycroft however… )

2015-12-23 01.42.43

Along with the blind box, I snagged 2 exclusives. A Sherlock in his deerstalker, as well as a Titan variant Sherlock + John in PJs and robe. (I seem to be collecting a fair few Titan vinyls recently…. ho hum)

2015-12-23 01.39.30

The PJ versions seem really pretty rare, but the deerstalker not so much. Seen that quite a bit by now.

2015-12-21 18.51.39

Anyway, back to the blind box. *keeping fingers crossed* Lestrade please… or Mycroft… or John… Just please no duplicates again.

2015-12-21 18.54.33


This Sherlock will have to live with duplicate John I guess.

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