food cheats, polenta

I love stews. I much prefer the brothy types to the thick ones. So inevitably, I usually end up with a pot of leftover ‘juices’ too tasty to chuck away.

I usually either turn them into congee (chinese rice porridge) or use polenta. I can hear thousands of Italian moms out there screaming in horror at the thought….

2015-12-25 15.27.16

I love the taste of the usual plain polenta. But if you use it with the leftover broth (make the more solid types), and store it in the fridge, it is a fantastic side dish for your meal the next day.

2015-12-25 15.27.29
polenta solids made with leftover lamb stew broth (rosemary, peppers, cheese and tiny bits of lamb… yummmmmm)

All you will need to do is it slice it and fry it up.


food cheats, eggy bread

I rarely buy bread because I don’t eat enough of it. So when I do, I end up with half a loaf of stale and very hard leftovers.

So for the food cheat to not waste it would be…..

Eggy bread!

It is amazing how some egg, milk and sugar can work wonders on hard as rock bread.

Mix egg, milk and sugar (optional), let the slices bread soak for a bit and then fry it in a pan. With butter if you feel indulgent….

Squish some honey to top it up.