food cheats, tefal actifry

I love gadgets. I especially love kitchen gadgets. So when I saw airfriers I decided it was a fantastic idea to have one.

And it was.

2016-02-03 20.14.40

I have the Tefal Actifry. I went for this one rather than the Philips airfryer because there seem to be a lot more stuff that can be cooked in this one.

I’ve already blogged about this when I first got it, but 2 years down the line I still adore it.

I don’t really eat a lot of chips or fried food, but roasting chicken drums in this thing is dead easy and very tasty. I tend not to get any oil at all since quite a bit of oil comes out from the pieces of chicken anyway. It is always shocking to see how much ends up at the bottom of the pan.

No prep needed, just dump everything (seasoning and meats) in and turn it on. 30 minutes later, dinner.

Just don’t use it on anything crumbly.


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