foodie cheats, spam musubi

Everytime I pick up a can of Spam, I get horrified looks from friends here in the UK. I like 20160807_193717-01spam, just like I like hotdogs. I probably won’t look too closely at what’s in it, but I also don’t have it very often either.

Anyway, it seems like Hawaii (and most of south east asia) agrees with me. They even have dedicated spam cutters! I’ve been hankering for some spam musubi, which is also one of the easiest sushi to make. Strictly speaking, it’s a musubi, not sushi. So the rice is not vinegar-ed.

So what is spam musibi?

It was invented in Hawaii post WW2 but the Japanese who located there. With food shortage and such during the war, Spam became very popular amongst the locals. The Japanese community then started using it as a substitute rice topping, after first glazing it with some teriyaki sauce (also a post war invention, I think).

To make spam musubi, you will need:

Spam, eggs (optional), rice, nori (seaweed), soy sauce, mirin, sugar (or bottled teriyaki sauce)



Cook rice, and then slice spam.

Pan fry spam slices and glaze them with the teriyaki sauce/mixture of soy, mirin and sugar right at the end.

Cook eggs if you want to add some, ignore if not.


If you have a musubi mold, use that. If not, just clean out the spam tin and line it with cling film. Pop some rice in, patting it down as you go (not too hard!). Put the egg layer in next, and then top with teriyaki glazed Spam slice. Press it down with every layer.

Gently pull the pressed rice/egg/spam out with cling film and let is sit for a tad before taking that off.


Last of all, wrap the cut-to-size nori sheet (usually a full sheet can make 3) around the musubi, shiny side out.


Perfect for picnics or bento lunches.


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