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little fishies, part 3

So, leading from the previous post regarding the oto trying to school with my harlequins…


Name: Harlequin rasboras

Apologies for the photo quality. These bloody harleys are fast…. Usually I only get a blurry streak in the background when I try to photograph them. Videos tend to show them better.


I actually got a batch of 6 as my initial school after cycling the tank. Unfortunately all but 1 of them died one by one a day. Here’s a video of the first batch swimming.

When there was just the 1 left, I decided to take the plunge and get another bunch of 6 because they don’t do well by themselves. The petstore person miscounted and I found that she has given me 7!

So now I have a school of 8. Mysteriously, no harley casualties since then! Very odd.The one that survived is very obviously bigger and brighter than the others, and is the matriarch.

little fishies, part 2

The 2nd batch of fish I’m featuring are the otos.


Full name: Otocinclus catfish

Like the corys, they are very peaceful fish that needs company. I call them my little lawn mowers. They do a great job mowing down algae in the tank.

A fat oto is a happy oto, so I also supplement their food with some courgettes. I’ve rarely seen them actually eat them but it always disappears overnight in around 3 days time (after the veg gets soft enough for them to eat I guess?).


For some reason they’ve been hanging around the top left corner in the tank recently. When they disappear off somewhere I can sometimes not see them for a few days. Trying to count them could be rather difficult, and I’ve read that many oto owners have the same issue.


I love it when they swim and land softly on a leaf, almost like a spaceship docking!

One of my otos have a case of identity crisis. It seem to think it’s a harlequin and tries to school with them from time to time! Problem is, they’re not the fastest swimmers so watching it trying to keep with the with speedy harleys is hilarious. Sort of like the poor little odd out quirky kid in a playground.

little fishies, part 1

As very briefly mentioned in my previous post, I’ve recently managed to set up a little fish tank. It’s a 33gal (125 ltr) tropical planted tank.

Ultimately I want a betta fish. Initially I set out to get a 5, maybe 10 gal tank for just 1 betta and perhaps some shrimps. Somehow I ended up with what I have now (and around £300 over budget). Sigh.

Anyway, up to this point, I am just a betta short. The other community fishies are all set and hopefully happy and healthy (as far as I can tell anwyay). So for the next few posts I’ll be featuring the types of fish I have.

This particular post will be about my corys.


Full name: Corydora Catfish.

They are very very peaceful community bottom feeders, and at the moment probably my favourites. They are the gentle giants in my tank! I also call them my tank hoovers since they suck up any food that settles on the gravel when they eventually find it.

I was actually quite surprised how much I’ve grown to like these little critters. They are around 2.5 inches long, and I have 3 of them. I initially wanted some pygmy corys, but when I got the the fish place they were all sold out, so I ended up with these instead.


They are very sociable and playful fish. I often see them rubbing against each other while swimming around looking for food. I also sometimes see them having a little snooze in their favourite corner (see top photo). The first few times it gave me a start because they were not moving at all!

They also (sort of) wink at you. It’s actually them swiveling their eyes downwards, but gives the illusion of them blinking. Which is incredibly cute…

Not the most charismatic of fish, granted, but they will definitely grow on you.

That said, the albino corys still creep me out a little…..