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croissants in a can

A while ago when I was doing a bit of shopping at my local tescos, I bumped into this and thought it would be a travesty not to try….

c in can 1

So that night, cracking open the can…

c in a can 2

Unrolled the dough….

c in a can 3

A bit of cutting, rerolling and shaping, and into the oven it goes.

c in a can 4

Ta da!

Not great, not flaky and buttery and soft like a proper croissant but not bad. Went well with a bit of buter when nice and warm anyway.

Curiosity satisfied.




waki’s travelbag

I’ve recently bought a new backpack which I love using.

Unfortunately, the zip compartment is a tad too small for my coin pouch and wallet so I found that I needed another little pouch to put them in rather than leaving them jangling around with the other bits and bobs.

While browsing around the brikabrak stores in Chinatown, I happened upon something that Waki instantly fell in love with and bribed threatened pleaded me to get instead of more sensible options….

waki's bag

Waki now has a new backpack too.