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GoT mystery mini figures, last part (maybe)

So…. I went and grabbed 3 more GoT mystery boxes. Initially I wanted to just get 2, but decided, meh, why not.


Then, I brought my little loot to a nearby cafe for the suspense ridden unboxing!

*drum rolls*

Box no.1 is…….




Ok… *deep breath*… 2 more chances… I really want a dragon or a dire wolf.


Ned Stark! Ok.. Am happy with that…

Last box…



A wee bit disappointed it’s not dragons or wolves, but at least it’s not another bloody Jeoffry.


Yes Arya, kill the bastard.
Yes Arya, kill the bastard.

GoT mystery mini figures, part 2

Right… If you’ve read my previous post, you know I went and tried my luck with one of those Game of Thrones funko pop mystery minis.

Still miffed, when I found myself around the area again (forbidden planet is deadly to the wallet….) I gave in and got another one.

Fingers crossed… fingers crossed… No more jeoffry.. pleeeaaaassssse….

white walker

Yay! Am quite pleased with this. Would have preferred one of the dragons or a wolf, but not too bad….

Darn… am itching to get another one….


murphy’s law

Yesterday I found myself wandering around Forbidden Planet, heaven for comic geeks, and saw a bunch of Funko The Game of Thrones Mystery Vinyl Mini-Figures sitting on a shelf looking rather inviting.


I stood there hm-hawing for a bit deciding if I wanted to risk one…


Looking at the possibilities at the back of the box, I decided that any of the characters would be nice, other than Jeoffry.

I actually really wanted either any of the dire wolves, the dragons or Ned Stark. But anything else (OTHER than Jeoffry) would be a fun little collectible to have. So after quick bit of calculation, I totted up around 92% chance of getting something that I’d like, and around 40% chance of getting the ones I really wanted.

So, the odds were quite good. £7ish isn’t too much to spend on a bit of fun.

I mean, 92% chance of NOT GETTING JEOFFRY… right? RIGHT?