About the Kiwis~

kiwis 1

About the Kiwimusketeers:

Waki the black sheep
Otherwise known as the carnivorous cider guzzling thing. As could be deduced by his name, he likes a big chunk of protein in his dinner, and drinks cider at every possible occasion. Laid back and normally chilled out like most New Zealanders, he took center stage during (and after) Enk’s journey after Remy migrated to his fantastically pretty country.

Tiki the coffeedeer
Tiki joined the family courtesy of Dent and Dented. He likes to sleep, and only occasionally ventures out (normally to hide from venison dinners) due to the fact that he was hung on the Christmas tree for an entire month after moving to the UK from across the globe.

Kohi the kiwi (Gronk)
The latest member of the Kiwimusketeers, he was very nearly named Pui (if not for the fact that he hails not from Queenstown….) based on Lake Waka-Ti-Pu. Instead, he was named after Kohu, one of the crazy clumsy kiwis Enk encountered during her trip to Rainbrow Springs in Rotorua.

kiwis 2

About Mini Gronks:

There was one, then there were three….

The mini Gronks (otherwise known as Kiwis outside the 147 bubble of insanity), individually known as Gronkee, Gronker and Gronkett, suffers through the seasons sitting under Enk’s monitor at work, occasionally dressed up in outfits that reflect the world around them.

They can occasionally be heard tapping around Enk’s desk.

3 thoughts on “About the Kiwis~”

  1. Thanks for visiting … looks like you’re addicted to all things Japanese too! You know where you want to go for your next vacation!

  2. Hi there!

    Yep, I’m fascinated with the culture. Was there 8 years ago under UNESCO/AFS for student exchange for a month, and was also taken to a quick 4 day tour from Nagoya to Kyoto, Nara and back to Nagoya again. Barely able to scratch the surface! Would love to do the trek you did!

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