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Free! starting days displayed


After weeks, I finally set up the display case with combination of the ikea synas led light box and a set of Nendoroid cube classroom set.

 2016-03-28 23.30.11

I’m not quite happy with the set up so far… the box is a little too big for the set.

2016-03-28 23.30.25

Though it does look very good!

2016-03-28 23.31.05

I’ll probably change that for something else, but for the moment it can sit there. It might likely go to another Muji acrylic dvd case (like the basketball court underneath).

holga digital testing

As promised, here is the holga digital settings testing. I admit it’s not the best test ever since it’s just going between blurry and even blurrier but you’ll get the gist of what it is about in a low light situation. Will do one soon-ish with a bit of sun at some point.

1:1 f8 (sunny) black and white
1:1 f8 colour
1:1 f2.8 (cloudy) colour
4:3 f2.8 colour
4:3 f2.8 black and white
4:3 f8 black and white

and a few more random ones from here and there

holga testing


These are the specs from Holga’s website.

That’s pretty much it. Nothing fancy which was what I was looking for. It supposedly accept wifi sdcards, but too many ifs and buts and maybes that came with it to be worth getting one to try.

It is powered by 2 AA batteries. As it is, it is a tiny 97g in weight. I think the batteries might be heavier than the camera itself!

Here’s a few random shot from the first few tries, including the 3 from my previous post.

It has a 1 secondish lag after the LED lights up while taking a photo so there’s a fair few blurry ones. I’ve read that you can also do a long exposure by just holding the shutter button down, but I’ve yet to try that.

I actually prefer the mid-lighting images where the colours are warmer and slightly fuzzy at the edges.

I’ve also only used the 1:1 ratio images for the moment.