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deep ancestry sleuthing, 4

YAY! Finally got my result.


Not going into details (since I’ve not really read it thoroughly yet either), I’m in Haplogroup B. The red line is where my deep ancestry route was (bearing in mind this only refers to my maternal lineage…) No surprise there anyway.

On a slightly more miffed note, the National Geography Geno project has had an update to version 2.0!!  Damnit. If I’d known I’d have waited for it (only 1 or 2 months difference) and they had more tests included at a slightly increased price. If I wanted the extra info I’d have to redo the test.


deep ancestry sleuthing, 2

Here are the contents from my very brief previous post on National Geographic Genographic Project.

genography 2

I’ve finally read through the instructions, watched the fascinating doco that came with the pack, swabbed for some cells and packed it over to Houston to be tested.

I’m pretty curious about the results (which I won’t get for at least another 7 weeks), but most likely it’ll show what I suspected it to be.

North East Africa > Central Asia > East Asia (China)

Being genetically associated with the Chinese might well prove to be genographically boring!