shrink shrink shrink!

I’ve recently discovered something called Shrink Plastic.

I say I ‘discovered’….. I mean I was finally told of these fantasticly fun stuff.


It is just a piece of plastic sheet that you draw on….


Colour, and bake.

And it shrinks down and thickens up into little charms!


Unfortunately, this one stuck on the cardboard I used on the baking tray when I pressed it down with a book after shrinking.


So I filled in the colour again with my trusty set of sharpies.

So I tried again.


This time, I changed some of the colours, keeping more clear spaces instead of filling the images too much. I also kept the colours lighter because the colours intensify after they shrink. Instead of using a cardboard base, I used baking parchment and decided not to flatten it with a book.


The second try is much nicer.


Since I left it as it was, you can see that it’s a little bit wavy.

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