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Sunny spring!

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food cheats, home made cup noodle

I love noodles. I especially love noodles for lunch during cold winter days. The options would usually be either buying a bowl somewhere around work or bring a msg and salt laden instant pot noodle. Happily, I’ve recently stumbled onto a brilliant idea. Do it yourself home made instant noodles! All you need is: noodles … Continue reading

lunch munches from MealPal

A friend at work sent me this blog post last Weds, and I managed to snag myself a spot in this deal. MealPal is a lunch program that gives you better deals for lunches around your area. For its recent launch in London, they were giving away 5 free consecutive lunches when you sign up. … Continue reading

the wallet bleeds

Whoops. It’s been too long since the last post, so I’ll start my new year’s post with an OUCH. 4 sets of Haikyuu nendoroids that will be released this year, and my fingers slipped on the preorder button. PLUS Good Smile just announced Sawamura Daichi and Wakatoshi Ushijima coming up after these. Eeeep. I just … Continue reading

Iaido 2 dan!

7 and a half years down the line (I started Feb 2009), I passed my Iaido 2nd dan grading!  

from when?

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