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it’s been a while….


So… it’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog. It’s not dead, I promise.


food cheats, home made cup noodle

I love noodles. I especially love noodles for lunch during cold winter days. The options would usually be either buying a bowl somewhere around work or bring a msg and salt laden instant pot noodle.

Happily, I’ve recently stumbled onto a brilliant idea. Do it yourself home made instant noodles!

All you need is: noodles of your choice (cooked al dente), some veggie, some protein (meat or eggs or tofu), some flavouring (stock powder or miso or both) and a little bit of oil (sesame is my favourite).

2017-02-20 10.29.19 Here I have some udon, eggs, celery + the leaves and soy stock mixture at the bottom. Pop it into the fridge and bring it to work the next day. All you need is to leave it at room temperature for a little bit or heat it up slightly with a microwave, and add hot water.

Slurp away al-desko.