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Sunny spring!

Well… for 1 day at least anyway…. Advertisements

lunch munches from MealPal

A friend at work sent me this blog post last Weds, and I managed to snag myself a spot in this deal. MealPal is a lunch program that gives you better deals for lunches around your area. For its recent launch in London, they were giving away 5 free consecutive lunches when you sign up. … Continue reading

Iaido 2 dan!

7 and a half years down the line (I started Feb 2009), I passed my Iaido 2nd dan grading!  

foodie cheats, spam musubi

Everytime I pick up a can of Spam, I get horrified looks from friends here in the UK. I like spam, just like I like hotdogs. I probably won’t look too closely at what’s in it, but I also don’t have it very often either. Anyway, it seems like Hawaii (and most of south east … Continue reading

foodie cheats, tamago kake gohan

Tamago kake gohan, which is just raw egg on hot rice with soy sauce. Growing up, this was one of my favourite meals. Just scoop a bowl full of piping hot rice, make a little well in the middle and break an egg into it. Mix it well and add soy sauce to taste. It … Continue reading

from when?

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