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little fishies, part 5

Last but not least, the newest of the lot…. (but not quite so new now… it’s been more than 2 months since he’s moved in)


Name: Veil tail betta fish (siamese fighting fish)

Here’s Aomine showing off his colours. His nickname is Grumpy, and is a bit of a bully.


I named him Aomine because he really reminds me of Aomine Daiki from Kuroko no Basuke.

Colour theme: dark blue, with uniform in black with red stripes.

Temperament: Gruff and grumpy exterior, like to bully the people he likes and ignores the ones he doesn’t. Has a short fuse and likes to lounge around a lot.

Grumpy seems to dislike the otos sometimes, and likes to hang out with them on others. The corys seem to ignore him, but he likes them and tries to huddle down in their heap.

He’s an odd one.

20150916_222537-01Unfortunately within a week of him moving in his tail started to fray. I’ve asked around local aquariums and have been told that it’s quite natural for a new betta due to the stress from moving and getting use to a new tank.

It’s been since mid September now, and the tail isn’t getting worse, but it’s not really getting better either. Am debating getting him his own little 5 gallon tank and medicate him a bit more. I have only been using some aquarium salt here and there, bearing in mind the corys aren’t overly keen on it so have been very cautious.

Oh dear… am I getting the dreaded MTS? (Multiple tank syndrome)

little fishies, part 4

Onwards to the other little school of fish in my tank.


Name: Neon tetra

I have a little school of 8. I initially bought 6, and they were happily darting around for about 2 weeks and then suddenly one disappeared (I’ve never found it. LIkely eaten by now). And then not long after that one died. So I could only see 4.

And 4 neons are not happy neons. The bigger ones started to get very nippy and the little runt of the lot was just hiding all the time.


So after more water tests I took the plunge and bought another 4, and since then they’ve been getting along much better.


Like the harleys, they are fast and usually trying to photograph them just ends up getting a streak of blue and red. Unlike the harleys, they tend not to school as nicely. It’s quite rare for me to see them in formation or even in a group, therefor it is also a lot more difficult to count them.

They’re quite cute and give the tank a little splash of colour.