On Others~

Special appearances:


rama with kurama
About Rama:

Rama the fox, slightly younger brother to Remy.

Rama (named after Kurama the youko from Yuyu Hakusho) is the quiet one in the family. He doesn’t travel much, and is not as fanatical about food as Paddy and Remy…. He usually prefers to curl up under a duvet and read or watch anime, though this does not mean that Rama is a pushover…. True to his nature, Rama is pretty foxy when he wants to be.

Rama’s trademark is his luxurious plushy tail and black tipped ears. He secretly wishes to be called Kawa, due to the fact that his idolizes Rukawa (Slam Dunk) and is still slightly miffed at Enk for not giving in to his ‘request’.


paddy with Enk\'s fav. food

About Paddy:

Paddy the usually hungry bear is the elder cousin to Remy and Rama.

Paddy is normally seen with his bright red hat, wellingtons, and a blue jacket. Being the most well-traveled, his suitcase is always packed and ready to go globe-trotting. It is easy to find Paddy… just follow your nose. He usually pops up when there is food involved.

Paddy should not be confused with Paddington Bear. Though bearing some slight resemblance to Paddington, Paddy is not particularly fond of marmalade sandwiches, and does not hide said sandwiches under his hat, but anything else is fair game….



coming soon: MAY


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