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pop op, 6


As mentioned in the previous post, Johnpop’s hair is waaay wayyyyy too bright blond.


3 colour mix….


and a shock blanket protection sheet later…. (*sniggers* anyone caught the reference, or was I geeking out too much?)


After and Before.

Much better.

P.S. I can’t find my GW purity seal spray!! *frantically rushes around everywhere rummaging through bags/boxes*


pop op, 5


So… John is not looking amused with the lack of a colourd robe for quite a while now… We can’t have that!


This proved to be a tad messier and more time consuming that I initially thought. Just in case of any accidents on the head I decided to give it a bit of protection.

“mmm mffpf mm mffmamppf” translate: this is so undignified

Yes, sorry. It looks so wrong.


Paint paint paint paint.

I decided to paint the white strips light grey, and change the tshirt and slippers to dark grey. Leaving it white made it look unfinished.


Ta da!

Those stripy robes took a LONG LONG time while to finish. Touching up was neverending. I also found that using cling film is not great. It stuck to some of the paint (ripped of a tiny bit of skin ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ), and somehow made the whole area sticky!

Looking at nearly-finished Johnpop, I decided to redo the hair colour. This was way too bright.

pop op, 4


Finally got round to doing some painting. (Christmas Holiday, yay!!)


Gave John a little bit of a sleepy look.

Painting takes patience… Just have to slowly layer thin-ish paint on top of the other, but is quite quick to dry so it was actually a continuation of painting. Once you’ve reach the end the first part would have been dry enough to layer on top.


It’s amazing how much difference adding the eyes makes.


Had quite a bit of skin tone left and some black, so added the tea (skin + a little black). Milky tea…. I think it works?

2014-12-26 14.42.51

Slightly put-upon look. ๐Ÿ˜€ perfect. I think John might have just found out that the milk was next to someย body part again in the fridge.


Now for the details… a light pencil sketch to set the place and decide if it works.


A bit too blond, but hey, it’s a pop version.

Next part coming soon.