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New Zealand photos, link 1

Here’s the promised photos of NZ… Unfortunately, I’m too lazy to add each photo here again so I’ll just put a couple up but have the link to my facebook albums for those who are interested in viewing more.


Album one

Here are photos of the pre-departure, on-flight shenanigans (and food) and bits of the first few days in Queenstown. This includes my paragliding and horse treking photos.



Sadly, as I’ve mentioned in my previous post, Remy has decided to migrate to NZ permanently, so he is (probably) still in Queenstown right now, adopted by a fierce Maori warrior so he can wear his Remilios costume all the time.

So the new star of the show is Waki the Black Sheep.


land of sheep and kiwis…

Update from Fairlie:

The long anticipated wedding was yesterday. It was wonderful!

Things were fantastic! And the days have been completely filled with excitement and exploration (except for the distressing fact that Remy has decided to run away migrate to NZ).


Photos and detailed updates will be coming up soon at some point….. Most likely when I get back to the UK.