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the wallet bleeds


It’s been too long since the last post, so I’ll start my new year’s post with an OUCH.


4 sets of Haikyuu nendoroids that will be released this year, and my fingers slipped on the preorder button.

PLUS Good Smile just announced Sawamura Daichi and Wakatoshi Ushijima coming up after these.


I just realised my favourite characters in Haikyuu are all the team captains + Suga!

shrink shrink shrink!

I’ve recently discovered something called Shrink Plastic.

I say I ‘discovered’….. I mean I was finally told of these fantasticly fun stuff.


It is just a piece of plastic sheet that you draw on….


Colour, and bake.

And it shrinks down and thickens up into little charms!


Unfortunately, this one stuck on the cardboard I used on the baking tray when I pressed it down with a book after shrinking.


So I filled in the colour again with my trusty set of sharpies.

So I tried again.


This time, I changed some of the colours, keeping more clear spaces instead of filling the images too much. I also kept the colours lighter because the colours intensify after they shrink. Instead of using a cardboard base, I used baking parchment and decided not to flatten it with a book.


The second try is much nicer.


Since I left it as it was, you can see that it’s a little bit wavy.